Sober Living in New Jersey

Providing a Healthy Environment for Individuals to Live Sober

Seeking treatment for an addiction is a huge step toward taking control of your life. Treatment can involve a regimented detox and rehabilitative program that aims to start you on a sober path. However, once you leave the structure of treatment and return home, it is common to struggle in the face of the same environment in which your addiction existed and continuing on that sober path can be difficult. Treatment programs do not always fully prepare you to return home; familiar circumstances and challenges can often lead to relapse.

A sober living facility can be the answer for many individuals who have completed a treatment program and who are not yet ready to return to their previous living environment. A sober living environment can provide support and accountability to encourage a healthy transition back into society on a path of long-term sobriety. At Destiny Place, we offer many services including sober living, transitional living, and additional support programs. If you would like a confidential assessment, please call us today at 800-396-3010

Providing a Healthy Environment for Individuals to Live Sober

Safe Environment for Sober Living in New Jersey

Safe Environment for Sober Living in New Jersey

Destiny Place provides a residential living experience free from the pressures of alcohol and drug use. While you do have access to 24-hour supervision, we also promote independence and self-sufficiency. If you establish your independence in a healthy and sober way, you can have a greater chance at a successful life of sobriety once you are home.

Men and women, eighteen and over, can benefit from our sober living environment, which facilitates both physical and spiritual growth and healing. We are a 12 step based program. Our sober living program is designed to best prepare each person for a healthy return to society. If you are interested in more information about our sober living programs, please call an admissions counselor today.

Transitional Living in New Jersey

Going to treatment is a huge step in the recovery process, however, one of the biggest challenges you can face is the transition from treatment back into the “real world.” Chances are that many parts of your life need a complete overhaul to adjust to your new sober lifestyle. Such transitions are complicated, take time, and require a lot of support for you to be successful. For this reason, Destiny Place offers a transitional living experience that can provide the education, support, and the assistance you need to return to the community as a productive and healthy member of society.

Transitional living facilities are often associated with halfway houses. However, halfway houses traditionally focus on the transition from incarceration to society, while the transitional living program at Destiny Place focuses on sober living. We will support you in your spiritual journey as you rediscover your self-worth and establish a confident identity as a sober individual. This confidence will allow you to reenter your community assured of your ability to contribute to society in a healthy and sober manner.

Our professionals understand how difficult this transition can be and we offer both short and long-term sober living assistance. Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself to handle your transition alone—instead, reach out for help from Destiny Place today.

Transitional Living

The Path to a Better Life Starts Here – Call Now at 800-396-3010

Path to a Better Life Starts

If you are finishing an inpatient addiction treatment program and you have concerns about returning home, please do not hesitate to call Destiny Place for more information about how we can help. We are here to provide support and will honestly assess your situation to find the best solutions for your success in sobriety.

Destiny Place is conveniently located in central New Jersey within two miles of the Trenton airport and less than an hour away from both New York, Philadelphia, and major metropolitan areas in New Jersey. Destiny Place is an affordable and safe place to help you transition into long-term sobriety.

All consultations with admissions counselors are completely confidential and we can provide same-day admittance. Please feel free to call us at 800-396-3010 to help you continue your journey.

Providing the Best Environment for Anyone to Stay Sober & Live Free. One of the greatest concerns of people interested in a sober living environment is the cost. There are many facilities out there that offer great programs, and peaceful living, but coming up with the funds to live that lifestyle and receive their help in recovery can be difficult. Destiny Place wants to be different. We want to provide top of the line programs with the most qualified staff, but still have the ability to keep the cost low.

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The transition from a life of addiction to a life of sobriety can be difficult. It requires a complete lifestyle makeover. However, with the right help, living a sober life is possible, with the help out transitional living centers offer the support and resources required to rebuild a healthier, happier life. Getting help with an addiction is not a sign of weakness. Addiction often becomes the center of a person’s life. Addiction can be devastating to job performance, relationships, and a life in general. As a result, recovery may seem overwhelming when faced alone. Read More

How conveniently located is Destiny Place to other areas? One of the things our residents rave about is the connivence not only to the Trenton Airport only 2 miles away but 45 minutes to Philadelphia, and 50 minutes to New York and other major metropolitan new jersey areas.

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Our Admissions Counselors are ready when you are.

To often, those returning home from treatment are faced with challenges that they are not prepared to deal with. Treatment does not always provide the tools necessary to stay clean and sober in the same environment where they lived in active addiction. For most, without support, relapse is inevitable. Destiny Place is committed to closing the gap between treatment and the challenges of real life.


Read what individuals like you are saying about their Destiny Place experience.

As a man of faith I literally put my faith and health in their hands. The staff at Destiny Place was wonderful. They were very experienced in what i was dealing with and i really appreciated them having access to a very nice Church near the center.
After Detoxing and then treatment in a Florida treatment center, my family who lives in Philly wanted a nice, affordable and convince sober living facility. After some research and very positive recommendations we found Destiny Place. the staff was friendly, accommodating and professional. It was a safe place for me to really get my life together
Alcoholism sucks, plain and simple and having a great group of residents and staff trained to support you is a big deal. i have been sober for 12 months now and i am sure it would not be so if I had gone back home after treatment.
Thank you Destiny Place for having my back. i had heard they were one of the top sober living centers in NJ and found them to be professional, compassionate and the location for me was super convenient. I really enjoyed talking and walking around the Delaware river with friends from the center.

Destiny Place is committed to a 12 step philosophy approach that has been highly refined to produce significant long term results that teaches and counsels addicts and alcoholics how to really apply the 12 step process into their daily lives.

One on one counseling and group discussions
These powerful group and individual help sessions can be initiated by either staff or resident to focus on issues and problems with a residents behavior, poor choices or persistent attitudes that may have on their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
At Destiny Place our staff is not only fully trained in NARCAN in addition they are trained to empower the resident and shares their experiences, strength and hope and provides powerful effective feedback to the resident regarding ineffective ways of being.  We have produced significant impact into the daily living of our patients creating solutions and new ways of being and acting that work.

30/60/90 Day Stays

We are 100% committed to the long term success of our sober living residents. We highly recommend and encourage a longer term stay were we have proven to produce significantly higher probability of lasting sobriety. We also offer a more condensed version of 30,60,90 day stay designed to be effective, powerful and lifelong lasting.

Long Term Stay

When it comes to long lasting sobriety for our residents Destiny Place is 100% committed to providing a long term approach that works.  We understand from experience the many pressures life throws at recovering addicts.  Destiny place is an effective, affordable way for long term sober living.  Our staff can custom create a living environment that works for you or your loved one.